Modules for Linear Transport

Chain conveyor

Depending on transport goods we offer chain conveyors in different designs:

double-tracked for empty pallets and empty pallet pile
three-tracked for empties and full pallets
four- and five-tracked for special pallets, for example 800 x 600 mm.

A duplex chain with small division ensures a smooth run and soft segment transitions. Through plastic slide strips the chains runmore easily and with less wear. The drive located at the centre with chain adjuster offers the following options: frequency control, reversing operation, pole changing, soft start

Accumulating conveyor

The three-track pile-up roller table consists of two outer tracks with gravity rollers and a driven, continuous running centre chain track. It operates at very low noise level through plastic-damped bearing of the control lever enabling a high switching safety.

The entry slants prevent hooking of pallets during entry. The outer profiles are used for accommodating rollers and act simultaneously as lateral guide. The pallet transport takes place through lifting off the middle chain track which results in friction between transport chain and pallet. The design can be delivered for longitudinal and transverse pallet run.

4- to 6-points tasks / removals

The charging or acceptance stations which can be operated from top or laterally are chosen for the requirements of the customer and its stacking stock.

The 4-point task / acceptance processes a 4 pallet diagram in longitudinal or transverse run with empty or full, the 6-point design a 6 pallet diagram. Exit and entry of double blocks (pallets) can be realised. An exact positioning and easy processing of the pallets as well as the optimum block arrangement are possible. High system performance and the mixed pallet operation are realised by control technique.

Roller conveyors / pick-up and removal segment

The basic components consist of an unitary modular concept of varying roller divisions and working width. The roller change is very simple through an edged U-shaped section.

The rugged carrying rollers warrant a long service life. The drive is via chain wheels with a combing chain. The chain adjuster can be easily operated. The drive is optionally frequency-regulated and designed for reversing operation. It has a soft start so that problematic material such as PET new bottles can be conveyed.