Pallet transport systems

Preserving transport of pallets using components of the approved modular KETTNER design.
Our product range comprehends all necessary components for longitudinal respectively
transverse transport of pallets of different size and shape:

  • Basic modules for linear transport:
    Roller conveyors, chain conveyors, combined conveyors,
    accumulating conveyors, 4- to 6-way feed and discharge station
  • Basic modules for turnaround:
    Pallet transfer unit, turntable station with roller conveyors or chain segments,
    combined turning station, turning corner station, empty pallet hub,
    elevator, lifting platform
  • Rail-bound modules:
    Pallet trolley (longitudinal and transverse)
  • Modules for process improvement:
    Pallet checking device, 2- and 4-sided pallet centring,
    Pallet changing device (empties, full products),
    box adjustment station (KEG/barrel also)
    Compact pallet stacking device